Bloggers Up North

by Ryan

If you’re like me you’re very much looking forward to the playoffs, and that means you watched CBC last night. If you didn’t watch, you missed a guest appearance by a few of the more notable hockey bloggers out there:

I have to admit, that was fun. I think Ron and the boys were a bit unsure what to make of those three, but the discussion was at least a bit more civil than the last time bloggers hit the mainstream. Paul Kukla looked a bit camera shy, but I think that’s understandable given the circumstances. It’s not every day you get thrown on national television. Benjamin was awesome as usual, and Wysh looked downright dapper.

The conversation was brief and they clearly wanted them to talk the playoffs, but it is nice to see CBC embracing the blogosphere a bit. Last year it was a HNIC segment, and this year a full seven minutes on a Stanley Cup Preview show. Who knows what happens next year.

Also, I think it’s hilarious that CBC has started to put the Twitter account links above their television personalities’ names. Although I wish Scott Oake would update his a bit more often…