Big Day, Little Balls

by Ryan

Since yesterday was Locker Clean Out Day, the only thing left for Sabres fans to get excited about is Draft Day. That’s really, really depressing.

Anyway, today is the day we will know just where the Sabres will be drafting. Right now they have the 13th worst record in the league, which is bad enough to miss the playoffs but not bad enough for a lottery pick. Just. Like. Last. Year.


The good news for Sabres fans is that we can actually win the Draft Lottery. Los Angeles actually won the lottery back in 1995, but they didn’t get the first overall pick. You see, teams can only advance or drop four places away from their current location. That means the Sabres can do no better than 9th, and no worse than 17th. I’m sure we will fall somewhere in the latter.

The Islanders have the worst record in the league and a 48.1% chance at Tavares of Hedman. If they don’t win the lottery it’s a downright travesty.

Then again, it might be kind of funny in a cosmic kind of way.