April Madness

by Ryan

A nasty rumor went through the Coca Cola Field press box last Thursday: Jonny Flynn was going pro.


That’s about the worst possible news you could get if you’re an Orange fan. As much as I want to see Jonny do well for himself, well, that sucks. Next season for Syracuse Baseketball could really be something special with the way things were shaking out. Jonny is a major piece in that “something special,” and if he leaves with Devo and Paul that all changes. Another tourney bid would be considered success with those three gone, but with Flynn the bar would be raised once again.

Well, not so fast according to some. There’s been a lot of misinformation out there since the announcement first broke, including the fact that LeBron James may be making calls to Flynn for his agent.

In other words, chaos. Since Jonny and I are from the same city, you’d figure I would be the first to hear something about this mess. Not true. So, if anyone knows Jonny and wants to let me in on the secret, let me know. Call me, email me, or hit up the Twitter. We need to know what’s going on before I impale myself with something orange.


  1. Yeah….Jonny’s gone. To me that means he’s at least in the middle of the first round, if not the lottery. He’s going to be one of the first 3 point guards drafted; I don’t see anyone apart from Lawson who should go before him.

  2. I heard someone ask Garrison about Flynn in class and now I can properly assume what he was talking about. I’ll do more eavesdropping…