After One

by Ryan

Let’s get up the first round totals and then we can start picking the next round. Feel free to put your picks in the comments of this post or the one with our round two picks.

Ryan- 7 points

Not a good showing at all, but I did get the Caps game right. Yup, that one played out just like I thought…

Chris- 12 points

Chris got the Chicago and Vancouver series right and with the right number of games. Also, I think everyone got the Ducks/Sharks series wrong.

Jon- 9 points

Jon did better than I did, but that’s not saying very much. We are awful at this.

Let’s see the rest of you guys did:

Spavery- 12
Heather B.- 13
Zach- 11
Dave- 15
Jrr1911- 14
Sabresfan88- 14
Steve- 10
Lisa- 12
MarthMarth- 14
Mark B- 12
Norm- 11
Chris Smith- 13
Frosty- 10
Ebscer- 11
Brian S.- 9
Dave in Rocha- 12
Jonathan- 11
Jack- 11
Becky- 11
Kate- 14 (Picked the Ducks!)
Erika- 10
Jennifer- 6

So far Dave has the lead after one, and I’m the second worst on the board. That sounds about right. Even if you didn’t pick in the first round, have some fun and play along in the second. Games start on Thursday.


  1. MarthMarth

    YEEHAW 2nd place.

    Okay, here goes nothing.

    Hawks in 6
    Detroit in 6

    Boston in 6
    Capitals in 5 <— going to be best series eva

  2. Chicago in 7
    Detroit in 4
    Boston in 6
    Penguins in 6

    The ducks are not that great, and there is no way the red wings are folding like the sharks did. The Capitals do not have the goaltending to beat a good team, but will take a few games.

    Boston and Chicago are my early picks for next round…

  3. Sabresfan88

    Bruins in 5
    Caps in 7
    Wings in 5
    Canuncks in 6

  4. Sabresfan88

    Make that Bruins in 6.

  5. jack

    Caps over Pens in 6
    Boston over Canes in 5

    Wings over Ducks in 5
    Blackhawks over Canucks in 7

  6. Frosty

    Bruins in 5
    Caps in 7
    Wings in 6
    Canucks in 7

  7. MarkB

    Bruins in 6
    Pens in 7

    Canucks in 7
    Wings in 6

  8. Well, let’s see:

    Boston in six
    Caps in seven

    Ducks in six
    Canucks in six

  9. Jrr1911

    Canucks in 6
    Ducks in 7

    Bruins in 5
    Capitals in 7

    The Hawks struggled somewhat putting away the Flames.
    I think this round Detroit’s goal tending catches up with them.
    Everyone is picking the Bruins.
    Home ice and the Caps are built for a heavy-hitting, fast paced series.

    These are not easy series to pick BTW.

  10. Pittsburgh in 6
    Boston in 5

    Vancouver in 5
    Detroit in 7

  11. steve


    Canucks in 7

    Detroit in 6


    Caps in 6

    Bruins in 6

  12. brian s.

    Canes in 7
    Pens in 6
    Wings in 6
    Canucks in 7

  13. erika

    wings in seven
    hawks in seven
    bruins in five
    pens in six

    i’m such a homer…i know nothing about the west.

    also…congrats on round one, dave…is there a round one prize? haha.

  14. Boston in 6
    Washington in 7

    Detroit in 4
    Vancouver in 6

  15. Bruins in 5
    Capitals in 7

    Red Wings in 7
    Canucks in 5

  16. Here are your winners

    Bruins in 6
    Penguins in 6

    Wings in 6
    Canucks in 7

    Where do I pick up my trophy?

  17. Detroit


  18. Bruins in 5
    Penguins in 6
    Vancouver in 7
    Wings in 5