Worst Commercial Ever?

by Ryan

I suppose this may seem strange coming from a guy who loves the “Nanerpus“, but this commercial is by far the most awkward 30 seconds I’ve ever witnessed involving lunch meat:

Because that’s just what will get me into a Quiznos: hot man-on-toaster action. Now I suppose the commercial worked because I’m talking about it right now, so let me nullify it with this: Quiznos is awful and overpriced. Eat Subway.

That is all.


  1. Agreed. Quizno’s is a ripoff.

  2. I would’ve been sold if it was a Megan Fox or Heidi Klum talking sexy…

  3. Wow I could not agree more. Quizno’s is not that good and overpriced for what you do get.

    And that commercial= CREEPY. Some subway commercials may be slightly annoying but they aren’t usually creepy.

    $5 footlong? Holla. No sexual innuendos here.

    EAT FRESH. 🙂

  4. Those commercials bugged me too. If you hear a machine designed to burn meat begging you to ‘insert’ something or ‘rub it’ with a sham-wow, seek professional help!