Trent Asked For It

by Ryan

If there was any worry about what Trent Edwards thinks of bringing in Owens, this should take care of that. From Peter King:

“How about T.O.?”

Bills chief operating office Russ Brandon woke up sometime after midnight Friday morning and noticed there was a text message on his cell phone. So he reached over and looked. It was from Trent Edwards, the quarterback of the Bills. “How about T.O.?” That’s all it said.

Brandon shot back with this: “?”

“T.O. was released. Go get him,” Edwards texted back.

Brandon still seemed surprised when I spoke to him late Sunday. “I went back to sleep,” he said, “but I was stunned by it. The next morning, [coach] Dick Jauron and I talked, and he said, ‘I think it’s something we certainly should take a look at.’ I put a call into [owner] Ralph Wilson, and he said, ‘Absolutely look into it.”’

No matter what happens this season you have to keep in mind that Trent asked for it.

I think by now the initial shock of the signing has worn off, so we should probably talk about it a little. The majority of stories I’ve seen outside of the area have claimed this will be trouble and that the Bills are taking a huge risk. Owens will rip apart the small Buffalo market, ruin Trent Edwards, and destroy the chemistry in the locker room. Now while that may be true, I think they are missing the point.

Here’s my question: how much worse can it get? After three straight 7-9 seasons and a decade-long playoff drought, why not do something drastic and see what happens? When the news came down on Saturday, I wasn’t shocked that we picked up Owens but rather shocked the Bills did something that high profile. After Coles ran away screaming the next best thing looked like Joey Galloway. Owens? Really?

This could turn out to be a terrible decision but frankly, I don’t care. Doing something, anything is better than standing pat. Think about it: would you rather have him playing here or beating the coverage for the Jets? The potential is now endless with an Evans/Owens 1a/1b formation. For an offense that was very, very easy to scheme against last season this must be a welcome change.

Of course, there could be trouble. We know the staff we have can be frustrating, and every Bills fan is waiting to see what happens that first time Trent checks down to Derek Fine while T.O. is running free down the sidelines. Still, when he makes some noise about the coaches or the players, it’s not going to be hard to agree with him. After what we saw from the coaching staff last season, maybe someone saying it in the locker room will make for more effective criticism.

There is high risk involved with the move, but I’m just glad they finally took a risk. I would rather sign up for the chance to make something happen than stand around and wait for another 7-9 season. If it works and Owens has a 1,000 yard, 10 TD year then the Bills got their money’s worth. If it’s a disaster and they go 5-11, well, it’s a better draft pick.

Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch.