Toronto’s Wide Receiver

by Ryan


From the Raptors/Bulls game recap:

Buffalo Bills’ Terrell Owens sat courtside for the game. During a timeout in the second quarter the controversial wide receiver autographed a pair of footballs and tossed them into the crowd.

So here’s my question: when does T.O. show up at a Sabres game and start tossing the pigskin around?

I suppose that’s a bit unfair considering he actually likes basketball, but the point is that he has been very friendly to the Canadian market since signing with the Bills. He has only done one local interview to my knowledge, and his only national interview since being released by the Cowboys was for

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Bills fans, but as time goes on I wonder if the Owens signing was to meant to motivate the Bills fans on the other side of the border rather than down here. Since he’s been brought aboard the rumblings have only intensified, and Owens’ actions only show he’s more than ready to be the guy to fill some seats at SkyDome this fall.

Now don’t get me wrong, that’s his job. He sells tickets and jerseys and video games while scoring touchdowns; that’s the deal we all signed up for. However, his initial actions make me wonder if there’s something more to what the Bills did here. When Trent told Russ Brandon to go get Owens, maybe it wasn’t the Ralph he went to bed dreaming was filled to capacity.

Or maybe it’s just March and I’m reading too much into it. Either way, I think it’s a much more interesting angle than T.O. missing voluntary workouts. Like… we knew that wasn’t happening, right?


  1. Why would Ralph care about filling the Rogers? He gets no money out of it. He got his check already.

    • Yes, but it would certainly help his cries for regionalization if the Bills in Toronto series isn’t a complete disaster. So far it’s been pretty mediocre, and many people complained that there wasn’t much star power to justify the big ticket prices.

      Owens clearly helps there, and the big splash he’s made in the GTA this weekend is a good indicator that he is now the focal point. Which he should be. I just wonder if it’s a product of Owens doing what he wants and going there, or the Bills asking him to. You know?

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