This Could Be In Your Living Room

good-fathead-bracketby Rich

Just a couple of March-related musings on a Monday afternoon:

  • This thing (pictured above) is pretty sweet, and pretty cheap. As a result, I will be receiving one in the mail tomorrow (hopefully). If you’re hosting any sort of March Madness event, it’s probably worth a look. And it comes with free second-day air shipping!
  • The second point is more of a question; would anyone be interested in a Goose’s Roost bracket group? If so, please make a note of it in the comments; we’re trying to gauge the response it would get.

That’s all for now; we’ll be back with some more specific bracket talk later. In the meantime, enjoy wandering through the new layout. There  are a lot of possibilities here, as Ryan alluded to in the top post.


  1. I would be interested in joining a bracket league. I’m always happy to get my butt kicked by people smarter than me.

  2. Sabresfan88

    If you made one, I’d join.