The Un-Leap Year

by Ryan

As you can tell by the post below this, I was at the Bandits game last night working the press box. That means as far as I know, hockey wasn’t played. There are a few photos of some game from Long Island floating around, but I’m pretty sure they’re not real.

Yeah, I don’t think that happened. Maybe some other games really were played. Let’s check the scoreboard…

Okay that definitely didn’t happen. Someone threw numbers up on a wall and tossed darts at it. There’s no way Detroit and Buffalo were both shut out, that would just be embarrassing.

Oh God, it happened didn’t it?

The game was on a few TVs in the press box, but it felt like some weird parallel universe was being broadcast on a random channel. Something akin to watching Telemundo at 4 AM, I’d imagine. Suddenly I was frantically praying for the Sabres to squeak out a goal against the worst team in hockey. It had the emotional involvement of a game against an elite team like the Sharks or Red Wings. Please, just get a goal and hold on. Please. It was bizarre, and I didn’t like feeling like that at all.

It’s only one game, and we’re not supposed to take much from a single 60 minutes of hockey. This mantra should be extended to include the formation of an entire trading deadline philosophy, and us Sabres fans need to keep that in mind. Still, Saturday night was an awful, awful sign of potential things to come. It’s scary, unnerving, and very troublesome.

I don’t know what will happen to this team down the stretch, and I have no idea what will happen on Wednesday. However, I do know that sometime before then I will re-watch this Islanders game and search for clues about the next 19 games. Like a blind archaeologist translating ancient runes, I will try to figure out what the hell is going on with this team, and if it’s going to get better with a few roster moves.

I’m not sure I will like what I see.

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  1. MJPalis

    There was a bit of a silver lining for me about last night.

    Danis was my college’s goalie. To my knowledge, he is the only alum currently in the NHL and he’s a hell of a hockey player. After being nominated for the Hobey Baker in ’04, he played for the Canadiens, which is why I think I still root for him. He got buried on their depth chart behind Huet, Halak and Price but didn’t necessarily ever play poorly in the minors. All this after he was supposed to be the next big thing for the Canadiens.
    The Canadiens lost interest and the Isles picked him up. DiPietro went down and it looks like Danis has put himself ahead of MacDonald. Good for him.
    If it makes you feel better, this is not his first victory against the Sabres. I’m pretty sure he beat us in ’05. He also shut out the Devils recently and I think almost shut out the Panthers.