The Long Slow Goodbye

by Ryan

Sometime in April last year, Chris and I were talking about hockey. Let’s be honest, that’s about all we talk about at that time of year. It is the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and there is always something to say about those first two days of games.


We were talking about the Penguins or Ottawa and he said something that surprised me a bit. I’m paraphrasing here, but it was something to the effect of, “I miss the playoffs, the blogosphere is so much fun in the postseason.”

It’s funny, until then I didn’t really think about it. When we started the blog in 2007 we were about a week away from the Sabres being eliminated by Ottawa in the Eastern Conference finals. We didn’t know any other writers out there, didn’t know what sites to go to, and didn’t have any clue what the hell we were doing. Simply put, we missed the party boat.

See, that is part of the fun of being a sports blogger: when your team does well, you and your blog go along for the ride. An unexpected playoff push means you have something fun to write about, and suddenly a lot of people want to know what you have to say.

I think in a weird way, that’s one of the most unfortunate things about the Sabres’ nosedive these past few weeks. Not only has the team’s performance sucked all the fun out of the stretch run, but it’s going to end up taking a lot of fun out of the postseason, too.


Sure we’re still going to talk about it; but it’s just not the same. The ups and downs of the playoff run aren’t as high or low when you’re on the outside looking in. While it is always good hockey, and we love good hockey; there is something about looking at the schedule and trying to figure out when your games are going to be on.

As sports fans we see the playoffs as a chance to win the Stanley Cup, give your franchise some financial stability with a few extra home games, and generate a little extra fan interest. But most of all, the playoffs are a whole lot of fun; and for the second year in a row it looks like we’re going to miss out on the ride.

These last few weeks are going to be… interesting.

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  1. Keller

    Tony Twist said today ‘if the coach can’t motivate a player and create a spark, he needs to be fired…’ Go Blues.