The Goose’s Tournament Bracket and Liveblog Announcement

If you want to play along with us in our March Madness bracket pick’em, go here.

Group Number: 157794
Password: toaster

The deadline to join is tip off on Thursday. Don’t be afraid to join in, most of us have no idea who to pick, either.

Also, we’re having a liveblog all day on Thursday, so if you want to help out shoot me an email.  Otherwise, make sure you drop in and take part.  The guys from The Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport will be here, as well as Dave from Lonely End of the Rink.


  1. Haha I love yer name in the bracket.

  2. He ain’t even own no toaster.

  3. We’ll be there, and we’ll be square. I’m on the docket from noon-2… Then from 7 till ??? (yes, the elusive “???” – this is a 7th grade birthday party)

  4. Amanda

    some of us really awesome people get to go to the final four:)

  5. Lisa

    Hi guys – as a long time reader (first time commenter) I hope it’s ok that I joined in. Fear not, I know as much about college basketball as I do rocket science.

    Thanks for getting this together

  6. Lisa,

    It is more than okay and we’re glad you took the time to do it. It’s all in good fun, and I’m sure you will beat us all. Feel free to comment anytime!


    Keep in mind that Jon will be your editor. Be nice to him over the next few weeks…

  7. Lisa

    Thanks Ryan – if I do anything with my bracket, it’s pure dumb luck. And thanks, I’ll speak up more often.