Strung Out

by Ryan

Buffalo – 7-1-1


We’re going to have the same rule as Wednesday for a while. Tonight’s game against Toronto should be a bigger deal than it actually is. Dominic Moore plays his first game against the first team to ever really give him a chance, and Ryan Miller makes his return to the lineup to boot. Jeez, if the Sabres didn’t tank the last few weeks I’d be downright jazzed about this one.

For there being little to no hope left for this team, I did like what Ryan Miller had to say about coming back.

“They should all feel good that they’re on the ice. They should respect the fact they’ve had a chance to play this time of year. If you’re out for any length of time, or you miss a game, or the coach puts you in the stands or turns to another player, it should sting. It should feel terrible, and you should want to be back out there. For me, I just wanted to show that I wasn’t going to just coast. I wanted to be doing everything I could do.”

It’s strange that on a team full of vanilla comments, the goaltender is often the one that sounds the most honest. Miller’s press conferences always sound that way, and even if that statement slipped into cliche at times, it’s hard to come away from it without being impressed by his understanding of the game. He’s not going to sit there and say this team is making the playoffs, but he isn’t going to say that tonight isn’t important.

Tonight we will see just how ready our franchise goaltender is to play hockey again. More importantly, we will see just how valuable he is to his team. There are just some players that make their teammates better, and I think Miller is a good example of it. With Ryan in net, the Sabres play a different, more aggressive game because they know he can make the big save when it matters. It will be interesting to see if that’s still the case with Miller’s recent injury.

Foresight says 9.3 percent, but Ryan Miller says win tonight. For now, let’s go with Ryan.