Sink or Swim

by Ryan

Back when the Sabres were in a tailspin, there were a lot of people that felt the Sabres should and would continue to struggle to close out the season. Wait, that was less than a week ago? Wow.

Anyway, with their recent three game winning streak and the remote possibility watersabresof postseason play, I wonder if people have reevaluated their stance on the last seven games of the regular season. Now I don’t expect many people to say they hope the team tanks, as there’s not much value in it. It’s far too late to better your draft position significantly, and the ping pong balls will cancel out much of that movement anyway.

Still, in theory the worse this team finishes the greater need for change is visible. The more obvious the failure of individual players, the more likely management will look for ways to replace them or bring in new talent. This organization seems very satisfied with the path it is currently on, and so in order for them to “blow it up” there would need to be a pretty big failure to close the season.

So that’s the question, I guess. Is being in the playoff race down the stretch worth losing out on the chance for major change? What do you guys think?

watersabressinkTo be honest, I’d rather have even the slightest chance of making the playoffs by playing well to end the season. I seriously doubt we will see major changes no matter what happens over the next seven games, so it’s better to see the team finish on a winning note than sputter to the finish like they have recently. It’s an odd mix of pessimism that the front office won’t change, and optimism that the team can somehow improve.

It may sound a bit selfish, but it’s just more fun when your team is in it, even if the odds are hefty to say the least. It’s more fun to talk about, more fun to write about, and makes for a better viewing experience when the games actually matter. Whether they really matter or not, the illusion that the Sabres have one last chance will at least keep things moving for a few more days, right?

What a weird season it’s been.


  1. Keller

    2009 lesson learned…same as 2008…same as 2007…don’t be cheap when choosing a back-up goalie.

    Also…do you have the heart to invest your emotions on the backs of Jason Pomminville, Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy for the next 4 years? I suppose most have no other choice…but the prospect seems less appealing each day. Who will lead this trio (?)…that will be the 2010 lesson.

  2. Have you finally made the leap from MSPaint to CS2?