Rask Decisions

by Ryan

Everyone loves a good goaltender freakout video, but I think Tuukka has a point here. If some people have a problem with the spinorama in the shootout, those same people probably object to a puck gliding off to the side, stopping, and then being shot into the net after the goaltender stopped.

Hockey fans in Buffalo have already been treated to awful AHL officiating (See Koharski, Jamie) so it’s really no surprise that this happens down in Providence. Either way, it’s an interesting debate in between Sabres games, right?

So what do you think? Forget about the second goal, as they never really show a good replay of it. Is that first goal dead, or is Rask wrong for giving up on the play? And what do you make of the antics afterwards? Impressive, or lacking proper fire?


  1. Completely 181% dead. Poke check save, puck doesn’t continue towards the net, shooter stops…

    I give Tuukka an 8.5 on the reaction. He should have broke his stick over the goal and then flipped it while pointing at the very spot where (he thought) the puck hit. Pushed it around behind the ref to make sure he knows and then brought it over to the scorers table so they knew too.

  2. Jeff

    I already hate the skills competition ending that we see so often..I’ve got to believe that was totally dead. I think there ought to be clearer rules on this, but also I think a goaltender needs to pay attention to a damn rebound – ALWAYS- even if it is the shootout.

    I did like his reaction, you could really tell he was so pissed and flailing that he could barely stay up on his skates.

  3. Lisa

    What ever happened to the forward progression on a shootout? The player stops – how is that even legal?