On Satan, Marty, and Gary

by Ryan

Just a few things on a Tuesday afternoon. We will have something more substantial later on.

– I’m almost positive we will be liveblogging the trade deadline in some way, shape or form. (No CoveritLive, just old school) Maybe even starting at midnight. Stay tuned.

– Top Shelf has a nice interview with Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, which I should have mentioned much sooner. Coming soon.

– Miroslav Satan was waived by the Penguins today, which makes me a bit sad. It was fun watching him flounder on the wing with Crosby or Malkin as they expected so much more from a guy who clearly doesn’t have it. I still don’t understand why Shero thought he would sign Satan and Fedotenko from the Isles and expect to get more out of them. Strange.

– I will say this: I would love to have Gary Roberts on this team, even if it lasts only for 19 games.

– Also, isn’t this one of the craziest “kind of sort of plausible but crazy” things you’ve ever heard? That’s not a statement about Gleason or anyone reporting the rumor: that deal is freaking crazy enough to work. It would even solve the “goaltender trade takes Lalime off the roster” problem because Marty’s a UFA this summer. Holy crap, that could actually work. No way.

– I’m trying to put together a trade deadline guide, but there’s not much we really know about where to go that you don’t. Either way, we’re going to have a ton of things on the deadline because we’re quite excited about it, even if it will be a complete letdown like it always is.

– Games of importance tonight? Philly, Carolina, Florida, Toronto, and Pittsburgh all play. No matter who wins or loses, the standings will look very different by midnight tonight.

Who knows, everything could be different by then…


  1. Katebits

    That marty story makes NO sense to me. I don’t think Darcy would give up Tallinder and Max for a rental goalie who wouldn’t even help our situation if these guys don’t start SCORING again. Lalime has been totally fine!

  2. Heather B.

    For anyone looking for it, that Harrington post wasn’t really supposed to be up yet. I thought I’d saved it as a draft. It’ll be up soon, I promise!

    (I’m fine with Hank getting traded but if he gets traded for a rental goalie, I’m gonna be pissed.)

  3. Ebscer

    Things in the other games tonight, did nothing to help at any point and were all around bad for Buffalo

  4. Ryan

    Sorry Heather! I’ll take the link down and mention it again when you’re ready.


    I just kept hearing someone scream “GAMES IN HAND” for a few minutes until I realized that was me…