Not Helping

by Ryan

When this whole “extra game in Toronto” thing came up over the weekend, Tim Graham said this about what the Bills need to do in terms of PR:

No matter how you slice it, this bit of info will not got over well among Bills fans.

Either event promoters are speaking out of turn and the Bills’ front office will need to issue a denial, or Bills fans will be left to ponder that dreadful possibility they’re on the verge of losing even more of their beloved team.

So what do the Bills say?

“We are aware that there is interest in expanding the Bills in Toronto Series by an additional regular season game in the future. We’re also aware that our hosts have conducted a survey as part of their internal process of evaluating whether to propose an expansion of the series. We have an agreement to play one regular season game for the next four seasons. We have no agreement, nor has there ever been one, to play an additional regular season game in Toronto. Any such future agreement would require consultation and the approvals of Erie County, Empire State Development Corporation and the NFL owners.”

Well I think that’s just awesome that the Bills front office is aware that all this is going down, but it would also be nice if they said what they intended to do. Awareness doesn’t prevent global warming, and it doesn’t prevent the Bills from having a six game home schedule in two years.


Maybe this is the wrong way to take it, but what I get from that one paragraph is that it’s up to the Erie County, the Empire State Development Corporation and NFL owners to decide what happens with this team. The Bills aren’t in the mood to publicly deny interest or take responsibility for the decision making process.

All we got is that there would be hurdles to making this happen, but we know how good this franchise is at jumping them when they really want something.


  1. spavery

    Something that everyone is overlooking in this crisis is that the decision ultimately rests with Ralph Wilson. He gets to decide whether or not to accept the offer from these retarded Torontonians…

    One would think that he would be very reluctant to lease out another home game, especially in light of his recent Hall of Fame speech about the “organic connection” teams have with their community.

  2. Jrr1911

    Apparently the Bills first game this season at New England is slated for MNF. So we can watch them get destroyed on national television. Great.