More Good News

by Ryan

From Tim Graham’s AFC East Blog via Buffalo Rumblings:

The survey was e-mailed Friday to fans who purchased tickets to last year’s game. The survey includes the following passage, which hasn’t been edited:

Rogers has been listening to its Bills Fans and may be able to negotiate a new deal which will bring an additional Bills regular-season game to Toronto in each of 2010, 2011, and 2012! This now means that a quarter of the Bills home games could be played in Toronto. This would allow us to issue a new 3-Game Ticket Package for the 2010 games in Toronto. This includes tickets to 2 regular season games and 1 pre-season game, at a lower price per game than previously, for most seats. The average price per game for a variety of seating options is shown below. The total ticket prices for the 3-game pack is also shown.

Below the passage is a Rogers Centre seating chart and price options for three-game packages. The Bills’ deal currently involves only two games per year, a preseason exhibition and a regular-season game.

The Bills did not respond to a request for comment.

I think it’s pretty clear that no matter what actually happens, this is the slippery slope Bills fans were afriad of. What isn’t clear is where this talk is coming from, as well as who initiated the mere mention of something like this.

My personal feeling is that this is coming directly from Bills in Toronto organizers only, and the Bills organization itself has nothing to do with it. With Year One of this little experiment going down as a relative trainwreck, Rogers HQ probably sees the Owens signing as a potential flashpoint for additional ticket sales, even though it’s pretty obvious he won’t be around by the time those games are played.

Also, who the hell wrote that thing anyway? Three straight sentences starting with “This” and two more starting with “The”? If you’re going to make up a survey/informational press release that throws an entire fanbase under the bus, at least show some gramatical acrobatics. Jesus.

So will this happen? Well, that depends on a number of things. If season ticket demand goes down in Orchard Park, Ralph may try to line his pockets a bit more as he gets another foot in the ground. With the state the economy is in and the uncoming CBA issues, it may be just another way to keep the Bills financially sound at the fans’ expense.

It seems to me that as Bills fans we can’t go more than a few weeks without bad news. So it goes.