Monday Morning Title

by Ryan

There just isn’t much going on today, unless you like centers with high Wonderlic scores. Here are a few other things going on out there in the sporting world.

Die By The Blade has a look at the Sabres schedule in March.

– Actually, I think this explains the Sabres’ scoring woes nicely:

The Sabres are 25-4-3 when scoring at least three goals. In 12 of the last 14 games, Buffalo’s goaltenders have kept the opponents to three goals or fewer.

But the magic numbers haven’t coincided. The Sabres are 6-6-2 during their goalies’ run. The Sabres were held to two goals or fewer in eight of them.

Good times.

– Uni Watch has a nice feature on the goalie mask.

– I know HockeyBuzz get a lot of flack for doing what it does, but you have to admit that it is pretty hilarious to see what’s going on over there. “Garth” is wondering why Afinogenov isn’t being showcased, and if he’s healthy enough to play, and junk like that. Sorry, I was trying to write like him there for a second.

The problem is that anyone who has been watching this team knows that Lindy has given up on Max and he hasn’t seen the lineup because of it. Afinogenov also isn’t much of a fan of Ruff as well, but he’s been coy in saying so for obvious reasons. Not to mention the fact that Vogl gives us answers to two of those big questions: Max has been healthy for at least a week, but getting him into the active roster would require making another roster move that Buffalo can’t afford. He’s not cracking the top 12 just to “showcase” him because this season there just isn’t much to showcase.

In other words that post was a poorly written, pointless piece of garbage. Does the league really let these guys into the press box? Really? Also, Pronger to Buffalo. (e15)

– No Sabres fan wants to see the team sitting in 9th place, but it’s important to note that Buffalo will have at least a game in hand on everyone around them by the time they play again. That doesn’t mean they will win that game in hand (as we saw on Saturday night), but it’s still important to remember.

– Also, sledge hockey fight:

There are two things I have not done on ice that I’d like to do someday: go curling and play sledge hockey. This only makes me want it more.

– I’m still trying to figure out this Twitter thing but I do know one thing: Shaq’s Twitter is by far one of the best things I’ve seen on the Internet. This is the reason why Al Gore invented computers and killed ManBearPig. Thank God we live in this time.