Missouri Game

by Ryan

If there is a team the Sabres have a chance to “catch” right now, it’s Florida.

The Panthers are currently four points back, 5-4-1 in their last ten, and dealing with the loss of Nathan Horton and Bryan McCabe. If you believe in the “Deadline Bump”, the only thing Florida did to improve was not pull a Brian Campbell. That may not sound much better than the Sabres’ current situation, but they’re the only team within striking distance that is “struggling” at the moment.

Therefore, tonight is important. Every game this time of year is, but the “four point game” category is clearly in play, and the Sabres are running out of games that aren’t just that. They’re also running out of chances to get on a roll, and we’ve heard again and again how important it is to go into the postseason on a winning streak.

Still, the Sabres have to get there; and the last few outings haven’t shown us much of anything. If the Sabres have any business in the postseason, they have to start showing us that they can beat the teams that are going to be there. That means they can’t afford to fall further behind a team they need to chase, and these “games in hand” need to be wins.

So that’s what I’m looking for tonight: a team that shows me they’re serious about making a run. There are no more reset buttons, no more excuses, and no moral victories. A two point game with the Sabres coming out on top. Show it to me.

Show me a playoff team wearing blue tonight.

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  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Now I feel obligated to SHOW proof I made my way to Hannibal today. I have a lunch receipt if you need evidence.