Late Breaking

by Ryan

So I fell into ridiculously good seats for tonight’s game, so I’m on my way to the arena now. Expect a “View” post tonight, but one in name only. Patrick Lalime will be in net tonight, and I’ll have a good view of said net all night.

When I worked the press box for the Pirates game I sat next to a goal judge for a good portion of it. Of course he has a job to do, but during breaks I asked him a ton of questions about his job and what he felt about sitting there as opposed to where he should be, behind the net. He was honest: it sucked. Although he doesn’t like being away from the action and with a partially obstructed view, he understood that his job isn’t as valuable anymore with the advent of instant replay.

Why did I mention it? Well, since having that conversation I’ve divided sitting in the arena between two different experiences. The first is the former goal judge position, right next to the action and able to call everything. That’s a really good seat, and one I have tonight. The others are HSBC goal judge seats. You’re in the building and it’s a solid view, but it’s just not the same.

It’s very rare that I’m in the category of the former. I’m excited.