Important Things

by Ryan

We’ve all gone through the deadline before and know where to get information, but I thought I’d make a quick little post with where to get information today.

Honestly, some of the best ways to get information is to go through your usual blog routine. There are plenty of Sabres blogs out there that will be doing the same thing we are, so browse around and see what’s going on at the other sites and get a feel for what people are thinking. We’re certainly not the first blog to cover the deadline, and strength in numbers means more information. Aside from that, here are some other things you should know.

Important Sabres links:

-Here is a list of Darcy’s deadline deals during his tenure with the team.

NHLNumbers is invaluable when it comes to looking at cap hits and players status.

-I doubt the Sabres site will be breaking anything, but that usually is the last word on these type of things. If it’s a done deal, it will be up there.

Here are some solid websites to follow:– best official site by far. Lots of information.

From the Rink is sure to have a ton of updates as well. James Mirtle was all over the place last year and I’m sure he will do the same this season. SB Nation also has a Trade Deadline page set up, so be sure to check that out as well.

-I’m sure the Buffalo News will have a few people at the Arena all day and will have updates on Sabres Edge as far as lines and other reports from the Sabres.

Spectors and The Fourth Period are two good sites for rumors if you’re into that kind of thing.

-If you want a laugh there’s always hockeybuzz. I’m sure he will be useful, so make sure you pay him for telling you absolutely nothing.

Some other things if you’re not near a computer:

-You can text “NHL” to 81812 to get updates on your mobile phone.

WGR550 will be local all day to cover the deadline and bring you up to date.

-NHL Network has a free preview this week, so check your televisions if you don’t already have it.

We’re going to be here all day, so let’s have some fun with this. Sit back and enjoy the show.