Friday Morning Recap

by Ryan

We haven’t done this in a while, but I thought we should start Friday off with a look back at the “games that matter” from last night. No illusions of making the playoffs here, but I think the playoff race is still very interesting, even if the Sabres aren’t involved.

Lightning Canadiens Hockey

Montreal pulled out a 3-2 win in overtime, thanks to Kaptain Koivu making a nice play to salvage the extra point. If the Habs lost to Tampa Bay, you would have heard the screams from Quebec all morning.


Florida also kept pace in the race for eighth, picking up a 4-2 win in Philly on Scott Hartnell Wig Night. Florida won using backup Craig Anderson, and bounced back nicely from the implosion we saw on Wednesday.


We’re pretty excited about tonight’s events here in the Roost, so look for something more substantial shortly. If you haven’t read Kevin’s post from yesterday, I’d give that a look as well.


  1. Keller

    It’s even more outrageous in the West. The St. Louis Blues are captivating this town with their recent miracle run. 10th place, 1 point out…grabbing key road points…playing gritty hockey. Andy McDonald deserves coach of the year considerations. No Brewer, Kariya, Johnson…and god knows how many man games this team has lost to injury…they sent their All-Star goalie to Peoria…its a friggin miracle.

    The best part of all…this team is young. Oshie, Berglund, Perron are the future on offense. When Erik Johnson comed back next year, this team will be special.

  2. Keller

    By Andy McDonald I mean Andy Murray of course…you know the guy who does what Lindy is suppose to do.

  3. Oshie had a nasty goal last night. Big fan of Sioux products.

  4. Keller

    Oshie will look good in team USA gear in 2010