About That Goal…

by Ryan

I know this goal was reviewed and was completely inconsequential to the final score, but I have to ask. Remember this goal Pominville scored against the Leafs on February 17th? The one that went off his chest? Somehow they called it back, saying he directed it in, right?

How is that not the same thing? I agree that the Hartnell goal should stand, but I just don’t see much difference between the two goals. I know fighting is the big issue at the GM Meetings, but how about a little consistency in video reviews?


  1. sabresfan88

    My sentiments exactly.

  2. twoeightnine

    I’m not going to blame the refs for last night’s debacle at all but holy shit the NHL needs to do something about officiating before a game is actually 100% lost due to them sucking dick for 60 minutes.

    Kaleta skated over close to Carcillo and was hit after the play… both are sent off. Skating like that happens after every play.

    Rivet got 10+2 minutes while Carcillo only got 10 despite them doing the same exact thing (if anything at all.)

    And I pointed out that goal last night as well as the fact that both goals were on Vs. Last night’s announcers, “he knocked that in with his chest, that’s a good goal.” Pommers, “directed that with his body, not going to be a goal.”

  3. John

    I had the same thought watching the play. Can’t understand how one is good and the other isn’t — and the Vs announcers were no help…

    No analysis of that play, no reporting on why Rivet got the extra 2 or the even up on Kaleta. All I wanted to know was why my team was on the wrong side of the “MAN POWER ADVANTAGE” copyright 2009 Joe Beninati

  4. diebytheblade

    It’s ridiculous. I sat in disgust watching it be announced as a goal. I don’t even know what to say about the obvious inconsistency between these two calls. The worst part of it is the fact that they call Toronto for a ruling. Their reasoning for using Toronto is to avoid inconsistency and yet we see this.

  5. Ray-Chill

    Yeah I was thinking the same exact thing when the goal went in. The game was painful, and like you said this had no bearing on it, but it’s still frustrating to see such inconsistency. I even looked back in my phone of a picture I took of the ‘official rules’ online that I sent to my brother during the Pommer debacle last time, and the rule’s clear as day.

  6. dani

    I didn’t catch the whole game but I was totally thinking offsides before Hartnell scored.