What to Watch

by Ryan

Does anyone actually feel like watching “games that matter” tonight? I know we’re in the middle of a playoff push, but at this point I feel like I need to work on my butterfly stance just in case I’m necessary at practice tomorrow. Either way, here are the important games to watch tonight:

Kings @ Flyers, 7pm- Flyers are almost out of reach at this point, as they are five points ahead of Buffalo with three games in hand. This is one of those games, so hope for a big road showing from L.A. Yes, that is asking a lot.

Rangers @ Maple Leafs, 7:30pm- The first game for Torts in New York is the conclusion of one of these odd home and home series the league likes so much now. I know travel is a big deal, but isn’t it more fun when you see a team twice in less than 30 hours? I think so. Anyway, for once it’s okay to root for the Leafs. Sort of.

Islanders @ Penguins, 7:30- The Penguins are just four points out of the 8th spot, and if you’re pessimistic about this Sabres team this is the game you should be watching. We also play the Isles on Saturday night, so consider it scouting if it makes you feel any better.

If you don’t want to scoreboard watch tonight, I’d check out the Detroit/San Jose game. I know everyone’s excited about Claude Lemieux’s return to Motown, which is fine by me. I’m sure the 2:46 seconds he’s on ice will be riveting. Either way, a game against the two best teams in the West should be fun, and I’ll probably watch this game over all the others. There’s a good chance these two face each other in the playoffs, so it should be a good atmosphere in Detroit.

Pray to the hockey gods tonight, and let’s hope your glove hand has gotten better since last time. We might need you.


  1. Brian Devine


    I think you should kick the other guys off of this cause they do not contribute. LOL jk. I have a new blog from a kid with school how do i add ur blog to my list?

  2. Ryan

    Go to your layout and click “add a gadget”. You can do a “blog list” that will work like an RSS feed, or a “link list” that will just be a text link. Let me know if you need anything else, man. I’m a big fan of Homer, actually…

  3. Brian Devine

    thanks man. Hey if you know any history buffs or science buffs who would like to contribute let me know