Thomas Vanek Can Eat Next Week

by Ryan

Our friend D.O. over at Die by the Blade has the link to Vanek’s blog update. He talks about his jaw, the plane crash, and how he’s doing in general. Here’s the good news:

Since the beginning of this week I’m back in the arena. Just trying to sweat a bit on the bike. The sutures have already been removed – don’t even start to ask me how many, but there were quite a lot. Next week the jaw-braces will be loosened a bit so that I can start eating again. Once that’s done I’ll get back on the ice again.

As we all know, solid food is a good thing. This means he won’t lose too much weight and can start to gain strength again. Vanek says he hopes he doesn’t fall too far out of game shape, but straight liquids don’t help very much. Now what about the bad news?

I haven’t set myself a deadline when I want to play again. The doctors said that I would miss at least 4 weeks altogether. But it could also be 5 to 6 weeks. We’ll just have to wait and see. The only thing certain is that I’ll be wearing a full visor helmet when I get back. That’s because the jaw-braces will stay put for another month from now. Otherwise the risk would be to (sic) big.

I’m pretty sure what he means by “full visor helmet” is a full cage, also known as The Robidas. He might also mean something like this, which is much more conducive to what he normally wears. Let’s face it, wire mesh a few inches from your face sucks when you’re trying to play hockey.

The rest of the news isn’t anything new, although I really don’t like seeing that timetable stretched a bit. We all knew that four weeks was a generous estimate, but six weeks doesn’t give him much time to get back into the swing of things before the postseason starts.

It’s not much of an update, but right now it’s the best we have. When it comes to Vanek, I’ll celebrate every step in the process of him getting back on ice. Hooray solid foods!


  1. MJPalis

    This page is the only site that comes up if you do a google search for “eat a nanerpus.”

  2. Ryan

    Comment of the year. That’s beyond awesome.