The Face Remains the Same

by Ryan

What’s so important about a picture like this?

At first glance, nothing much. No goal being scored, and it’s not a good shot of any Sabre. But check out that guy in the second row between Connolly and Butler. That guy is awesome. I mean, he knew he was watching a “clunker”, as Lindy Ruff described, and he has the face to match it. Oh but not just here, check this out: he’s everywhere.

Here he is just above Butler.

Distracted while Teppo skates up ice.

Clearly something exciting happened here. Him? Stone cold.

Partially obscured by Lydman, but the face remains the same.

He was missing in one photo. He must have left to get that Coke, which is probably mediocre as well.

Can you find him in this photo*? Think of it as a slow-moving game of Where’s Waldo where you get shut out and embarrassed in the end.

So why am I stalking him through various photos? Well, I think he has the perfect expression to describe last night’s game. We’ll talk about the game in a bit, but I thought that was worth seeing. Yes, I’m crazy.

*He’s next to Miller’s head.

One Comment

  1. Caroline

    One of my all time favorite things is to look at people’s faces at sporting events. This guy is amazing. I think my favorite picture was the “Where’s Waldo?” one.