Pulitzer Would Be Pissed

by Ryan

Yesterday Jon posted about Derrick Dockery, which was awesome because I was allowed to close my eyes for five minutes instead of posting. However, as Jonathan in the comments pointed out, he messed up.

This is not Derrick Dockery, this is Jason Peters. Now I give Jon the benefit of the doubt, because if I know him he was in a hurry and just didn’t think about it. In fact, Google Image Search probably screwed him over, because if you search “Derrick Dockery” that picture shows up on the first page.

So, to clarify things a bit I thought I’d compare Dockery and Peters so we get them both straight. You see, for me it’s purely a difference between what their expressions say. For example, here’s Peters:

What meatloaf?

And here’s Dockery:

Ya’ll crazy for giving me that much money…

See, there’s a distinct difference. It also helps that Dockery’s head looks a lot like a pineapple Runt, but you didn’t hear that from me. In any event, we’re sorry for the confusion.


  1. Jon

    Son of a…

    Whoops. My bad. I knew I should have just stuck with the headshot.

  2. Jonathan

    Canisius College kids wouldn’t have let that happen.

    There are standards at Jesuit schools

  3. Jon

    I messed up, and now I will deal with the wrath of Jonathan.

    BUT, if you’re bored, feel free to check out the link below…


  4. spavery

    A lot like a pineapple Runt — that’s brilliant. And I can’t believe Wiki has a page devoted to Runts. What a world we live in…