Plans for the Night

by Ryan

Tonight the Sabres take on the Islanders in Nassau, but that’s now what I’m thinking about right now. For me, I’m wondering if Mark Steenhuis is playing tonight and what I ask him if he is.

The novel experiment that is the HSBC Arena press box will be once again occupied by a blogger tonight, and that blogger is me. Andrew from USRT is on Long Island this weekend, and I asked to fill in for him tonight at the Bandits game. After a few emails and a thorough background check, I’m in.

I can’t promise the results will be phenomenal, but I’ll have a game recap up and a few thoughts on the press box experience. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you enjoy the results. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching the Sabres game on DVR and will have a lot to talk about there, too.

Just another big night for the Buffalo sports scene, right?