Overheard and Other Things

by Ryan

A few more things about the game last night.

– During the second intermission I saw this unfold in the restroom. Down three goals, a twenty-something Leafs fan decides to defend himself the only way he knows how: talk about the past. He starts saying things like, “well at least we have a Stanley Cup” or, “pretty empty up in those rafters.” Yadda yadda yadda. Everyone ignores him until one guy takes exception.

“It’s okay,” he says, “In ten years we’re going to invade you, rape you of your natural resources, and then absorb you. YOU WILL BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!”

That’s probably the best on the spot bathroom heckling I’ve ever witnessed. Good stuff to top off an already good game.

– When I was leaving the Arena last night I wondered if that will be the last time I see such an easy Leafs game in person. Think about the team we saw play in Anaheim on Monday night. Within two years that’s what it will be like to play the Leafs with Brian Burke at the helm. That’s a pretty sobering stuff, so enjoy these pushover victories while they last…

– In case you were wondering, Pat Kaleta had two minutes of shorthanded TOI. That’s another pretty solid game from him, and even the dive called against was iffy. He’s done a great job since coming back from injury, there’s just no other way to slice it.

– The little kid sitting behind me was awesome. Despite kicking my chair the entire game, he knew all the words to “We Will Rock You”, played guitar with Sabretooth on the Jumbotron, and got a puck from Mike Weber during the pregame skate. That’s a full day in my book.

– If you want an idea of how spectacular Stafford’s goal was, consider this: after the goal the Leafs change D pairs. Jeff Finger comes off the bench and just laughs as he skates by Pogge. Yeah, it was that good.

– I couldn’t get over how bad the Leafs penalty kill was. They over-pursue the puck, leave too many guys open in front, and don’t block shots at all. If you ever want to explain to someone the difference between a good PK and a bad one; show them last night’s game. From behind the net what the Leafs were doing was downright laughable, they could barely rotate at the point properly.

– Isn’t it nice to not have to talk about Vanek struggling anymore?

– Word on the street is another defenseman is ready to play tomorrow. I’m excited already.


  1. Jill

    I almost dont want to see Spach and Hecht come back in… things are running smooth right now… know what I mean?

  2. Gambler

    You know, usually I’m very against hockey trash-talk turning into USA vs Canada (I love Canada!), but the “jingoistic restroom heckling” tag just cracked me up. Well played.