Orange Out

by Ryan

On Saturday I saw the Syracuse Orange take on Georgetown at the Carrier Dome.

It’s an interesting thing, watching basketball with 31,000 people. Earlier this year I saw Cuse take on Long Beach State, but it doesn’t compare to a rivalry game that goes into overtime.

It’s funny that Jon mentioned Big Four basketball on Saturday, because watching a Syracuse game just doesn’t compare. A Canisius/Niagara game at Koessler is nothing like a Syracuse game even against the lowliest of opponents. The student sections, the level of play, and the crowd itself just isn’t even close.

The thing is, Syracuse basketball is a really big deal. Like, it’s as big a deal as the Bills or Sabres are in Western New York. Go to a mall in Syracuse on a game day. Everyone has on an Orange hat or shirt, and if they aren’t they are shopping for more. At stores they have the obligatory Bills and Sabres gear, but it’s the Jonny Flynn jerseys that garner the most attention.

They are billed as “New York’s College Team,” and that’s not a very big exaggeration. Flynn is on taxis in New York City, and he has a ton of fans around here for obvious reasons. It also doesn’t hurt that they are good, and they’ve been on ESPN a lot already this season.

The game was a bit worrisome, but overall a lot of fun. The crowd was into it, and it was fun to take in a “big time” basketball game for the first time. I’ll be going to the Niagara/Siena game in a few weeks, but if you want to see some real “big time” basketball for yourself, Villanova visits the Carrier Dome in two weeks.

Make sure you wear your orange.