No Surprises

by Ryan

There are lots of things happening in the hockey world today, and for that I am thankful. A lot of people seem to be freaking out about where this team is headed and all that good stuff, but I think those feelings have a lot to do with the impending trade deadline as well as a number of other things going on in the world.

To me it seems that when things are going wrong in the real world, the little things that don’t matter like sports are magnified and given additional meaning. Considering the way the economy is and the horrible things that have happened in the area recently, I’d say we’re in a situation where hockey means more.

Still, it’s a good time to be a hockey fan. The media will be hounding the staff and players about Miller’s status, Vanek’s status, hell, the status of everything. That’s good, they will be doing their jobs. There is plenty of meaningful hockey going on, and that’s a welcome distraction from the fact that football doesn’t exist for another five months (it’s been a month already!) and real baseball isn’t for a while. Things are buzzing in the NHL right now, and that makes for fun things to talk about. That’s about all I can ask for, really.

Today the first domino fell with regards to the trade deadline, and that makes me really excited. That’s a deal I didn’t see happening, and I just had half hour conversation about it that serves as proof. Things are going to get really interesting over the next few days. Hell, Doug Janik and Steve Begin just got swapped! Those are both former Sabres! (Kind of) These are exciting times we live in.

The point is that people are going to be freaking out a lot over the next week or so, and I think that’s okay. In fact, complete overreaction is what makes sports so great. You can overreact about anything in the sporting world, and as long as you don’t spiral into cold blooded murder over it, it’s all good. That’s what makes it fun. Our obsession with sports was something I praised two weeks ago, and I’m not going to knock it now. It’s a part of who we are, and I’m okay with it.

I do have good news, though: the Sabres play tonight. Lalime will be in net, and it’s a big freaking game as far as the standings go. That means the stakes will be high, and hopefully the players will perform as such. We’ve seen quite a few looks from the Sabres this year against Carolina. They’ve been terrible as well as quite strong, and we all are hoping for the latter tonight.

So sit back and relax. We’ll be here to sort it out when it’s over.