More on Portland

by Ryan

Just a few other thoughts on the Pirates game. I’m still working on a recap, but those aren’t exactly conducive to opinion, are they?

– Okay, I’m going to just say it: Salty Pete is freaking creepy. He walked by after the game when we were waiting for the interview room to open up, and it wasn’t anything I’d want a hug from if I was six. They let him use the t-shirt cannon, but I’m pretty sure no one was maimed last night. We’ll keep you posted.

– Attendance last night was listed at 11,444. The entire lower bowl was filled, and all but the ends were full in the 200s. That’s a pretty solid, and it’s nice to see people interested in the farm team. Hopefully this is something they continue to do to gain interest.

– Stafford and Kaleta were hanging around the locker room after the game. It’s nice to see the guys on the big club interested in what is going on down in Portland. It may just be because they have friends on the squad, but Dineen mentioned that a lot of the players have been actively helping the Pirates and making conversation with them. That’s a really good sign, especially for a franchise that develops so many players from within.

– Gragnani struggled a bit on the point last night. Portland only carried five defenceman because of injury, and Gragnani was pushed right off the puck on more than one occasion. The first, a body check that sent the puck flying into the corner. He then failed to tie the man up in front, which cost the Pirates a goal. Not a strong shift for him.

– They only had a few people on the ice crew last night. For Sabres games there are always a good dozen people on ice during TV timeouts. I think somewhere in between is appropriate.

– It was freezing in the press box last night.


– I forgot to mention this, but the official for last night’s game was Jamie Koharski, Don Koharski’s son. Not to pile onto the kid, but he did a freaking awful job of officiating last night. He let the game get out of control, and not just with the Gerbe ejection. There were some iffy penalties called, and a few extra roughing penalties for guys like Conboy would have eliminated a lot of the chippiness we saw. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll have a game review up sometime during the Sabres game. Obviously, I’m not on deadline.


  1. Kevin

    Hey, Kevin Sylvester, you actually make it to the pressbox and we don’t get to find out about the lids to the coffee cups?

    Thanks for nothing.

  2. Ryan

    I don’t drink coffee, but there were no lids for the soft drink cups. CRAZINESS!

  3. Katebits

    I feel like anyone with the name “Salty Pete” is going to be creepy. Was Crackers there? Salty Pete is nothing without Crackers.