More Like the Trees and Less Like the Clouds

by Ryan

I woke up about an hour ago. It seems that I have missed a lot.

These are uneasy times around the area, so I’m not sure how appropriate talking about sports will be. I will have something prepared in a little bit, but for now I’ll leave you with a mini-revelation of sorts: Ryan Miller is a Ryan Adams fan.

I’m sure you’ve heard one of us mention Adams here before, but Ryan mentioned him on his blog a few weeks back:

I am trying to track down some new music and haven’t been real successful. I am a big fan of Ryan Adams (the alt. country/rock guy… Not the Canadian singer/photographer better known for 80’s pop) and was hoping to be blown away by his new album, Cardinology. So far I am not blown away but he has some good songs on there… It is a little slow and a little too country for me at the moment… But who knows? I may be in that mood soon and the album will sound great.

If you haven’t heard of Ryan Adams I think it is a good idea to listen to some of his stuff. I like to listen to his albums straight through while we are on the road. We have a lot of time spent on an airplane or a bus so it is good to have some music that I classify as “chill.” He has his moments where he plays a good rock song, but most of his stuff is very simple, slow guitar songs with good lyrics.

It’s not a bad suggestion, especially on a day like this. Back in a bit.


  1. Zach

    Talking about sports is always a good idea, especially in times like this. It brings together a large group of people who can bond and share the same moment.

    Sports creates a family. You meet 18,690 people on a irregular basis, you get to know them, they get to know you, you share a common experience. And once you leave those doors, you’ll probably never seem them again.

    Sports brings joy and eases the pain. It can also create pain but thats another story. The one thing we need right now is sports and honestly sports need us.

  2. dani

    Ryan Miller would so love Ryan Adams. Also, I hear Ryan Adams is engaged to Mandy Moore. That makes perfect sense because they’re both awesomely… different.

  3. S.A.M.

    I rather enjoy Ryan Adams as well. I think my fav album is “Gold”. It just has the right mix of bluesy/rocky/country that works for me.