McPlayoff Hopes

by Ryan

I’ve been saving that video for far too long. Also things I’ve been saving? Awkward pictures of Marlies!

Yup, not even a little creepy.

In any event, the Leafs are at the same position they were last season at this time: inherent mediocrity. They are too far out of the playoff race to make a push, and too far out of the Tavares Race to tank. That’s exactly where Sabres fans want to see them every year, but I doubt they have many more seasons like that with Burke at the helm.

Justin Pogge will start tonight for the Leafs, who seem to like this kid against the Sabres. He beat Buffalo in a preseason game, but his last effort was a 5-0 loss where he was hung out to dry by his forwards. It was the game before Vanek broke his life, and the Sabres looked great. Ah, memories.

No word on Gaustad, but Tallinder should be back tonight. The Sabres need a good effort tonight, or at the very least show they care. With the Rangers and Philly coming up this week, a win would put them even with the Rangers and make this weekend very intriguing. We all like intrigue, so let’s hope for the best.

7PM at ACC on Versus.


  1. twoeightnine

    Are those pictures from bring a Minor Leaguer to Work Day for the Leaves?

  2. Ryan

    Haha, they were part of that free ticket promotion they did for the preseason game. Wait until you see the Peter Puck ones…

  3. Caroline

    Rachel is awesome.

  4. dave in Rocha

    She’s so hot.