Long Lost Brothers?

by Ryan

I’m slowly working my way through the Free Darko book, and I came across something that I wanted to share with you guys. The section about Gerald Wallace and Josh Smith sounded really familiar, which is odd because I’m not a huge basketball fan.

So here it is: Gerald Wallace is Tim Connolly.

Now it’s difficult to relate basketball and hockey, so bear with me on this. Still, listen to what the FD guys have to say about Wallace’s game*:

It’s worth noting that, for all their oddity, Wallace and (Josh) Smith remain professionals, and thus commodities within a market. Both present problems for any team looking to invest in them.

Wallace has a long-term deal with the Bobcats, but he sustained a serious concussion in 2008. This was the fourth such head injury of his career, which is practically unheard of in the NBA; for a football player this would likely spell early retirement. Wallace returned to the court, but he’s become a walking paradox. His style is dependent on sowing the seeds of chaos, disruption, and recklessness-in principle, it prevents him from learning how to break his fall. But with another concussion all the more likely, Wallace has become his own worst enemy.

In other words, this is Gerald Wallace when he’s not producing freakishly on the court:

Concussion and, most recently:

Collapsed lung.

The way Free Darko described Wallace’s playmaking ability, as well as his liability, made me think of Timmy right away. It’s difficult to compare stats between the two sports, but the similarities are undeniable when you consider the potential of each player as well as their injury risk.

I can’t say I’ve seen a ton of Bobcats games over the past few years, but does this sound comparable to anyone else? I know a few readers are taking in Free Darko, so I was wondering what they thought of the comparison. Just something that came to mind… don’t mind me…

Seriously, buy the book now that I’ve quoted it all over the place. It’s an excellent read.

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  1. dani

    Don’t go giving Tim any ideas about collapsed lungs.