Keep Watching

by Ryan

Okay, watch it one more time:

If you’re reading this and it’s still the top post, it means no one has chipped in today while I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day/Syracuse vs. Georgetown in Central New York. I’m not getting back until late tonight, so unless one of the other three come up with a post you won’t be seeing anything until the wee hours of the morning.

I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day! We love that you’re reading (especially after last night…), but go find someone to love! In fact, if you’re reading this and single, post a comment highlighting your positive attributes and find your better half out in cyberspace. You’re already reading the same websites, so you’ve got things in common! Here, let me help you out by starting a nice list for you:

– You love Paul Gaustad

– You have excellent tase in bloggers

– You probably call Thomas Vanek “Atlas”

– You are currently alone

See? That’s four things right in there! C’mon people, I want to see some some love in the blogosphere today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.