If You Go By Night You’ll Hit the Coast for Sure

by Ryan

What I saw on Saturday night tells me I should be confident about tonight’s game, but everything else I know tells me otherwise.

Lalime will be in net, Hecht will be out, and Spacek adds to the growing list of defenseman out as well. That means Mike Weber is back up, and our defense looks a little something like this:


That’s probably not how they will play, but no matter how you match those six that’s absolutely terrifying. We’re getting down to the bottom of the barrel here, to the point where Chris asked me who’s next in line on defense and I responded, “Pominville?” I wasn’t kidding, I’m pretty sure that’s our last option.

Still, the Sabres played a heck of a game on Saturday against a physical opponent. I’d expect the same thing from a team like Anahiem, but like Kevin said today, “the Ducks are not what they used to be.”

Currently in 5th in the Western conference, Anahiem has seen struggles between the pipes and some turnover in the front office this season. Brain Burke is gone, and Jonas Hiller has replaced Jean-Sebastien Giguere as the starting goaltender. Giguere has struggled since his father’s death, and he leaves a huge contract on the table next season if he doesn’t regain his form soon.

In fact, take a close look at the Ducks payroll. That’s a ton of UFAs on a team struggling to make the playoffs. The gap between 5th and 11th in the West is just five points, and a slip up means this team is in some serious trouble.

If the Sabres can piece things together tonight they could cap off a pretty impressive road trip. Anaheim has just as much at stake, as the difference between being buyers and sellers at the deadline could be a few wins in February. With Lalime in net you never know what to expect, but you have to think the Sabres can finish strong after such an impressive win in the desert.

10PM from the Honda Center. I doubt the ice opens up and Turbowing comes out, but it should be fun either way.


  1. James Mirtle

    What the hell is that hovercraft thing?

  2. TheTick

    For a moment I thought it said Turbo Teen…we’re sure Bobby Ryan doesn’t turn into a car, right?

  3. Ryan


    It’s a vehicle from the ridiculous cartoon Disney came out with back when they owned the team. The ice would literally split in half and they would fly out of the arena to go fight… dragons or something.

  4. No Use for a Nick Name

    The scary thing about this team is that they’ll make the playoffs, probably do really well, then lose a defenseman or two each round and it’ll be Carolina all over…

    Just checked the score and I see they lost [AGAIN] after leading through one.