History with Darcy Regier

by Ryan

I’m getting a very late start today, but we will have a bunch of things up very shortly. While we do that, check out the NHL.com profile on Darcy Regier. If you’re not familiar with his playing career it’s a pretty interesting look at his history before GM of the Sabres. Here’s a quote:

Regier got his opportunity with a bad Barons team, and enjoyed his time there as a young player heading to his first NHL camp.

“(The Barons) were the old Golden Seals,” said Regier. “I was drafted by the Golden Seals but never went to the camp there; they became the Barons. Gary Simmons was there at that training camp (1976). He had snakeskin cowboy (boots) and I still was coming from Canada and so I walked in there, all excited because I used to cheer for the (Canadian Football League) Saskatchewan Roughriders and it was like I had three heads when I brought up the CFL and those guys were all deep into the NFL.

Sounds like fun. If we had the proper training, we would analyze the psyche of our general manager and determine the way he operates at the deadline is directly influenced by how he was treated way back when. However, I’m pretty tired. Still, it’s interesting to know how he was affected by the deadline as a player.