Gerb, Pog, and Pearlman

by Ryan

– All I can think about when I watch a game with Justin Pogge involved.

Okay, I also think about this, too.

– Has anyone else watched Demetri Martin’s “Important Things”? The second episode is on tonight, and I liked what I saw last week. I was wondering what everyone else thought. In honor of that, here’s a sports-related drawing from Demetri:

– The situation in Montreal is officially a disaster, and Mirtle asks a good question about the Habs. With Kovalev sitting at home and more trades imminent, it will be really intriguing to see how they respond. They play Washington tonight, but we’ll give you the full rundown of “important games” later on.

– I’m pretty sure Time Warner customers have Center Ice free this week. If not, I have no idea why I watched the Bruins/Canes game in HD last night. It was awesome, and you should check it out tonight for yourself.

– I’m a big fan of Michael Lewis, and he wrote a monster article about Shane Battier you should check out.

– You should also watch this Rudy Fernández dunk, which Rich is convinced he would have used in the second round on Saturday. Yes, Rich is still alive.

– I haven’t talked about the A-Rod steroids thing, and that’s mostly because Jon’s in the area code at the moment. If I talk about the Yankees he might go at me with a taser, so I’ll hold off for a bit. However, I think Jeff Pearlman’s Deadspin post brought up a really good point. I’ll leave it at that.

– Okay, one more. As a Red Sox fan, finding out about A-Rod’s steroid use is like almost getting married, then things falling apart and later finding out the girl gained 400 lbs and gave AIDS to like 15 people. (What about Eric Gagne? I can’t hear you la-la-la-la…)

– Chris Simpson was a joke last night. Did she really think Burke was going to tell her his strategy at the trade deadline? Her… attire made Jason Blake so uncomfortable he kept checking the scoreboard clock to see when he could get back into the locker room. I know she’s done a lot of work with the Hall of Fame and she knows her hockey, but try to look like you’re not some bewitching temptress while asking Craig Rivet about plane crashes. Save it for the Timmy interview, okay?

– The Versus broadcast overall was pretty weak. We had the B team to start, but they sounded pretty unprepared and kept rehashing the same points over and over. I’m also pretty sure they pronounced “Pogge” wrong, and for the first period said “Gerb” instead of “Gerbe”. Also, why does everyone else think Ales’ name is pronounced “Coat-a-lick”?


  1. Dave

    My pog collection is way better than yours.

  2. Caroline

    I think of pogs too whenever Pogge is mentioned.

    Chris Simpson was a joke last night

    She is a true idiot. She was smiling and talking in that sweet reporter voice when talking to Rivet about the plane crash. I wish Rivet would have turned to her and said, “Is something funny about that?”

  3. Cari

    I’m pretty sure Time Warner customers have Center Ice free this week.

    What channel??

  4. dani

    Dude. This was like the best post ever. Pogs, hating on Chris Simpson, Gerbe, Timmy joke, Demetri.

  5. Ebscer

    If I remember right his name was always pronounced as Gerb in college. I’m not convinced that it is wrong

  6. Ray-Chill

    When Gerbe was interviewed a little while ago someone asked if it was “Ger-bee” or “Ger-bay” and he said, “I’m not French, it’s Ger-bee!” and laughed.

    When I found out the game was going to be on Versus I wrote a blog hating on them, and especially Simpson. I just can’t stand listening to them blab about nothing and act like they know all. But when Chris interviewed Timmy I was thinking that he prolly asked for her number and hotel room…

  7. Rachael

    HA! I’m glad I’m not the only one that calls him Pogs!