For the A.M.

by Ryan

Good morning, we have at least one healthy goaltender in the system. Here are a few items of interest before we talk about the Hurricanes:

– I would start the morning with Pominville Postgame Press Conference Bingo, but Jason’s last interview put a huge hole in the “bad games equals predictable interviews” theory. Actually, that’s not true; the interview was predictable but he avoided key buzzwords necessary or Bingo. Either way, only two were used, which doesn’t really make it worth slowing the site down with another video. Let’s hope for better next time.

– One reason I don’t want to see Enroth in net? He’s winless in his last nine starts. Enroth has been good for Portland this season, and is third among AHL rookies in wins and first in shutouts. He even looked pretty solid when the Pirates came to HSBC back in January. Enroth is supposed to be a good NHL player in due time, but not right now. This is just a kid, and a rookie in the AHL doesn’t translate to a rookie in the NHL very well. Scott Clemmensen he is not.

– I did end up watching the Sharks/Red Wings game last night, and I was very impressed by Detroit. My only problem was that the feed Yahoo had was San Jose, which wasn’t all that great. I know we love RJ and he’s a classic homer announcer, but Rick doesn’t claim a close goal is “definitely a goal” when you can’t see jack squat. Penalties, officiating, the war room in Toronto; they had a problem with almost everything last night. I suppose the scoreboard gave them reason to be upset, but come on now.

– As far as games that matter, the Rangers managed a point up in Toronto, and the Penguins and Flyers both won. That means the Sabres need to win tonight to keep pace. Great.

– I was going to do a post about Goose’s hit on Getzlaf from Wednesday, but D.O. over at Die by the Blade already did. Check that out while we’re waiting on an update from the morning skate. Maybe we’ll hear some good news this time.