Experiments in Blogging

by Ryan

Today is going to be an interesting day. You may remember that a few weeks back Jon sat in the press box for an Albany River Rats/Portland Pirates game in Albany, writing a game story for the site and also for Maine Hockey Journal. Well, when the game in Buffalo between the two teams was announced, I wondered if I could do the same thing.

So I asked.

As it turns out, that’s how you get things done in the working world. Shocking, I know. So, if all goes well tonight I’ll be taking this one in from the HSBC press box. There will be no cheering, but I do look pretty darn nice all dressed up, and the hockey will be the same.

So here my main objectives for the day:

– Write a recap of the game.

– Write about sitting in the press box.

– Not get yelled at for taking someone’s seat.

– Figure out which prospect will forever be named “Nanerpuss”:

Somehow I think that last one will be the most difficult out of the three. We can’t just waste a Denny’s commercial on anyone now, can we?


  1. Katebits

    Oooh, have fun, Ryan! I can’t wait to read all about it.