Belated Super Bowl Post

by Ryan

So yeah, about the Super Bowl. It will be hard to top a game like we saw last year, in which we saw the Patriots fall short of one of the greatest seasons in NFL history. Instead, we were treated to a schadenfreude show of epic proportions, one which I still enjoy to this day.

Seeing the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl is going to be really weird, but it brings up an interesting conundrum for Bills fans. Do you root for a team that has never won the Super Bowl to get their first, or do you hope for failure to make your own failure seem better?

Honestly, I hope they win. It’s not that I want the list of teams that have never won it to get smaller, but rather to prove that teams like Arizona can win it all. Let’s face it, the Bills will never be a favorite no matter what happens. They will never be able to replicate what happened in the 90s, and a run like we’ve seen with Arizona is likely to be the only way it happens.

I just want to see if it can be done, and no matter what I doubt I’ll be disappointed with the game. This is probably the least hyped Super Bowl in recent memory, and since it’s the last football we’ll see for seven months we better make it count.

Cardinals 31, Steelers 17. Let’s see what happens.