by Ryan

Stubhub has two official ticket partners in the NHL: the Buffalo Sabres and the Phoenix Coyotes. So, when they advertise on a hockey website, what teams are they going to use? This is what was on’s NHL page:

Ugh. That’s former Sabres backup Jocelyn Thibault getting shelled by the Coyotes last season. That was a fun time. If you remember correctly, that was the last game Thibault was allowed to play until the season finale, and Thibault was only allowed to play that game because Miller was little more than a pile of dust after being worked right into the pavement.

So yeah, that’s exactly what I want to be reminded of today: epic failures by backup goaltenders. Good omens all around.

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  1. Jill

    why would they even show someone who isn’t on the team any more?