As Promised, the Update

by Ryan

The update on Miller’s status following this morning’s practice is what every Sabres fan has been waiting around for all weekend. Well, here it is:

“The update is that he has an ankle sprain. He’ll be out indefinitely. There really is no more than that. An ankle sprain takes time. You don’t know how much time it’s going to take.”

Miller himself said that he has no time-table for a return to the crease. He wears a walking boot some of the time.

So… nothing new, then? The walking boot was sort of expected, and we’ve already seen the term “indefinitely” thrown around, so this isn’t an update as much as a restatement of known facts.

The fact that they still aren’t sure of a timeframe is reason to worry. That usually means a reluctance to reveal the nature of a long term injury, and high ankle sprains have a recent history of being long term.

With a major injury, the first thing you want to see is a timeframe set and work your way from there. We had one with Vanek, an while it may be pushed back a bit we know the possibilities. Miller’s injury is different, and with no calendar to stare at it makes things a bit harder track. In other words, we will be staring at practice updates for the next few weeks at least. Fun.

Here is some good news, though:

Thomas Vanek returned to practice with a full cage to protect his jaw. Vanek is limited but on schedule. He skated with Maxin Afinogenov and Andrew Peters.
Ruff said, “I thought Thomas (Vanek) did pretty good. For the first day out there, I was surprised at how well he moved.”

In other words, “He can’t talk but damn, that boy can skate.”