About Last Night…

by Ryan

Chris will have his post up in a bit. I can see it in draft, I swear. However, I should probably clarify my post from last night a bit. Looking it over (all five sentences of it) I suppose it does look a bit depressing, but it really wasn’t meant to be that way.

The “nothing good” I have to say is that despite all the rallying cries we’ve heard from the Sabres, nothing changed last night. The players that have been struggling continue to struggle and produce very little, and with your two best players injured those struggles are only magnified. Hecht can shoot from behind the goal line all he wants, but that’s not going to get him back up to where he should be. Pominville has been a relative disappointment and he played like it last night. You know you’re in trouble when Roy and Pominville get tossed on a line with Adam Mair, and Paul Gaustad is tossing passes around that no one seemed ready to handle.

It was a frustrating game, and one that goes down as another missed chance. You can say the Sabres played the same way they’ve had all season, but that’s exactly the point. Right now, the Sabres putting up an average game isn’t going to cut it anymore. There are too many pieces missing for everyone involved to put up the same effort and get a win. That’s the “nothing good” from last night, and thus the frustration today.

In any event, Lalime has flu-like symptoms after waking up last night feeling ill. I suppose that’s better than night tremors. Jim Corsi took his place in practice, which means he should get the start against Carolina. In other news, Jonas Enroth has contracted typhoid.

Also, shop.nhl.com knows how to cheer me up. Here’s the catalogue I got in the mail today:

You have no idea how many times I heard, “can’t Vanek play with a cage?” last night. How long has it been? Ugh.