A Different View

by Ryan

Over the last few seasons I’ve gone back and forth on Sabres/Leafs games. It’s obvious that they are very expensive compared to most other games, but if you’ve ever been to one you know they are some of the most fun games you’ll ever attend. For most people the negatives outweigh the positives, and after the Platinum pricing came into effect I thought I wouldn’t see the Leafs in person for quite some time.

And then we got an email from Keller, a reader who wondered if we wanted his seats. Well, of course we do. So thanks to him for the tickets, and I’m working on that question.

In any event, I’m excited to see how the Sabres respond after a pretty impressive road trip. They came out of it 3-3, but what we saw on the West Coast was strong hockey in spite of a depleted back end. With Teppo back tonight the effort should be improved, and if they bring the same intensity to tonight’s game they shouldn’t have a problem getting two points.

7:30PM from HSBC Arena. I have a feeling there will be some stories to tell after this one.