A Cry for Help

by Ryan

It’s been sixteen games since Jason Pominville has scored a goal. That’s about 1/4 of a season without scoring. In that time he has registered 13 assists, but when you consider that he’s scored at least 25 goals the last two seasons it becomes a bit more clear that he’s not playing up to that pace this year.

I feel this is my fault.

You see, just after his two goal game on New Year’s Day we came up with a little thing called Jason Pominville’s Postgame Press Conference Bingo. We just wanted to have a little fun, but obviously something catastrophic happened. Jason Pominville hasn’t been the same since, and it obviously has something to do with his postgame press conferences.

I mean we’ve only gotten to play once since the game started, so the juice certainly isn’t worth the squeeze. We need to hear from Pommer, so let’s fire up the bingo board and see what he has to say about Thomas Vanek being hurt:

Here’s what we got: “Getting bounces”, “frustrating”, “confidence”

Three. A whopping three choices. He didn’t even say his favorite word: definitely. Clearly the boy’s a mess. We need to get him some help so he can get the puck in the net. Think of it this way, the more he scores the more likely SabresTV puts his postgame video online. That more Pominville the better in this time of need.

Unless he’s slumping to spite us…

One Comment

  1. Katebits

    Pommer would never slump to spite you. He wants you to be happy.