Vanek, Gerbe, Kennedy, Mancari: All-Stars

By Chris

Thomas Vanek will make his first appearance as an NHL All-Star when the event takes place in Montreal at the end of the month. It’s no surprise as Atlas is enjoying one of the most spectacular individual seasons in recent Sabres history. Vanek will be the Sabres’ lone representative on the Eastern Conference squad.

Full Roster here.

Also, down on the farm, Pirates forwards Nathan Gerbe and Tim Kennedy will represent Team PlanetUSA in the AHL All-Star Game. Gerbe is slated to start in the game. Mark Mancari will play for Team Canada.

Other notables with Buffalo ties that will take part in the event: Drew Miller, Rory Fitzpatrick and my personal favorite, Mike Ryan (MJ over at My Safety Is Harvard should be thrilled).

Full rosters here and here.

One Comment

  1. Ryan

    Eric Staal over Backstrom, Kreji, and Roy at center? Lame. He’s one of the eight players with 31 points I mentioned earlier. Ugh.

    I get the “let’s get everybody’s team represented!” angle, but if they really want to do that, stop letting the fans screw up the starting rosters so there’s room for it. I also understand that he was the game MVP last year, but does anyone give a shit about Danny Briere not making the roster this year? Game MVP isn’t a big deal to me.