Two Minutes for "Being the Bitee"

by Ryan

Before we talk about the game itself, we should probably get this out of the way. I’m not really sure how to react to it because I’ve never seen anyone get bit during a hockey game. These are the kinds of things I’m just not prepared to discuss, so I apologize if this is meaningless.

I guess we should start with what actually happened, as in “did Jarkko Ruutu bite Andrew Peters?” From what I’ve seen that answer has to be yes. From then on the severity of the bite, the reaction by Peters, and all that other stuff is rendered moot. Jarkko Ruutu freaking bit someone. Isn’t that what really matters here? No matter how badly Peters may have been acting, the very fact that Ruutu was biting in the first place lets Peters off the hook for the potential Oscar bid.

As far as the penalty on Peters, well, I have no idea. I suppose the bite was pretty hard to see at first glance, so that’s probably why no penalty was called on Ruutu. In fact, I’d say it was almost impossible to see the bite because who actually looks for that sort of thing in a scrum? After the game Lindy said he had played in games where people have been bitten, so maybe I’m just not old enough to have experience with this kind of thing.

So I guess the question left to answer is whether Jarkko Ruutu should be suspended. If what we think we see in the replay really is there, then he will get suspended for a short period of time. Since Andrew Peters still has a thumb, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of Ruutu getting no suspension. We’ve seen crazier things go without punishment over the last few years, and if he says he didn’t do it, well, that’s good enough for Colin Campbell!

It’s a shame that this is all you’ll hear about tomorrow morning, because it really was an important win for the Sabres. Let’s address this again when an announcement is made about suspensions; there are more important things to talk about today.


  1. TheTick

    Well played on the ‘we were biting this morning’ tag.

  2. Jennifer

    I didn’t like Ruutu before and I can honestly say that he is now in my Avery category, childish and stupid. If the Sens coach had any respect for the game, he should have benched Ruutu for the remainder of the game. They had to add the “Avery Rule”, I guess now they’ll have to add the “Ruutu Rule”.

    I’m slightly ashamed of it, but I did like Robey’s comment after the game about Ottowa being “hungry” for a win.

  3. Steve

    I hate the Sens as much as anyone, but Peters had it coming.

  4. Jennifer

    I hate the Sens as much as anyone, but Peters had it coming.

    HUH? What did he do to deserve being bitten? His job? The NHL isn’t preschool. Bitting is just not acceptable behavior for anyone over the age of 3.

  5. twoeightnine

    I don’t think there was all that much acting out of Peters. He’s an animated, emotional guy to begin with but think about this. He was bit hard enough through good leather gloves to draw blood. I’ve been bit on the hands by a dog while playing and had the same nearly the same reaction despite the fact that I was expecting it and it didn’t draw blood.

  6. Jennifer

    He was bit hard enough through good leather gloves to draw blood.

    I may be wrong, but looking at the replay, it appears that he bit him about the second he took his glove off, not through the glove. If he bit through the glove, OMG.

  7. twoeightnine

    That’s what I thought at first until they showed it in the post game last night. It actually happens a little before he loses his glove, unless he bit him twice. Either way, human bites don’t draw blood unless they’re HARD.

  8. Jennifer

    Good grief, that’s even more rediculous. He broke the skin while biting THROUGH the glove??? I can’t imagine the shock that Peters experienced, not just the pain.

  9. Katie

    why the fuck did peters get the penalty? i didnt get to watch this on tv cause i was in class for the first period, but did Ruutu end up getting a penalty?

    ruutu is a pussy.. who bites? really now this is hockey not kindergarten.

  10. twoeightnine

    No penalty and Peters got 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct. I believe that he put wing sauce on his glove and baited Ruutu.

  11. sabresfan88

    My favorite part is that the arena sound guy played “The Hand That Feeds” by Nine Inch Nails.

  12. Zach

    If I’m not mistaken the Peters penalty was before the scrum happened so he was going to the box nonetheless