Statement Regarding Edmonton Oliers Game


The Buffalo Sabres, its owners and administration, regrets the incident of January 27 and the outcome of the game with the Edmonton Oilers Ice Hockey team. It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition. We humbly apologize for our actions and seek the forgiveness of the Edmonton Oilers, NHL and our community. The team and its representatives in no way support or condone the running up of a score against any team in any sport for any reason. The team’s board members, Head Coach Lindy Ruff and General Manager Darcy Regier have acted to ensure that such an unfortunate incident can never happen again.

Sabres team officials have met with and personally apologized to Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Craig MacTavish and General Manager Kevin Lowe and wish to extend their highest praise to each member of the Edmonton Oilers Ice Hockey team for their strength, composure and fortitude in a game in which they clearly emerged the winner. Accordingly, The Buffalo Sabres have contacted the NHL and is submitting a formal request to forfeit the game recognizing that a victory without honor is a great loss.

Darcy Regier
General Manager

B. Tom Golisano

In other news, Lindy Ruff has been fired and Diane Sawyer will be interviewing Dustin Penner shortly. Hopefully we can all just get past this and get back to hockey. Completely boring, nondescript hockey where everyone’s a winner and players don’t have to be sorry about being good.


  1. Jeff C

    I hope you’re not condoning what that team did – it was incredibly boorish and lacking in sportmanship. I think the game was well in hand when it was 59-0 at the half. 3 pointers when up by 90? Come on.

    It’s in very poor taste, IMO, to endorse that sort of classlessness. What are you, a Dallas Cowboys fan or something?

  2. Ryan

    Jeff C,

    Not condoning the basketball team’s actions, just poking fun at the game last night. Not an endorsement at all, and to be fair Edmonton did score so it’s probably a poor parallel at that.

    Also, not a Cowboys fan.

  3. sabresfan88

    Now that’s comedy.